Damu and his MPC

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Bday present for Risk :)

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24.09 was my bday and I received many pennies and stuff but this made me happy the most.

Thanks for Waxiqaaz

SAF - Safizam (we are back)

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we were pausing for a while but now we are back!

Kid X (New School Producer)

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Selling 30x24 canvas acrylic painting for ONLY 11$!

All pics are from the same CANVAS!!!
If someone wants to buy, please contact me: nikola.kipro@gmail.com

Da Youngsta's - Crewz Pop

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Da Youngsta's - Crewz Pop

Also, they are called the young ONYX!

LX-Beats - Passion of Lyricism (Remix Instrumental)

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After 1 week, we return with a street passion!

Artist: Justin Weinmann

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"Artist -- Living in my world so you don't have to.

Inventor of things I can't figure out how to make... So, I draw them instead."

-The words from one talented artist who will bring you in the other world with his pieces.

-Like, Follow and support him



-Buy his pieces and give him a motivation for further.


-View his website and see his art

-He is giving a "Free Art" (as he says) for the fans who really want to support him.


Archogre Giclee

Little Devil Giclee

Day Dreamer Giclee

White Horse Giclee

Say Cheese Giclee


Art of Justin Weinmann
16455 Cavendish Dr.
Houston, TX 77059


(713) 489-8750

-official, Funky Childs & Funky Land Macedonia 2012-

TRN - Macedonian Beat Maker

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His soundcloud profile and tracks :)


Spread The TRUTH!

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Around 1,500 Muslims protested on May 4th, in the Macedonian capital, Skopje, demanding the release of the radical Islamists who were arrested by the Macedonian police on May 2 for the cold-blooded execution of four Macedonian teenagers and one middle-aged man while they were fishing in the Skopje area on Good Thursday this year. The arrests were made following an intensive 3 week investigation.

Macedonians are predominantly Christian, while the ethnic Albanian minority that accounts for around 20% of the population in Macedonia is predominantly Muslim. In the last decade there has been an increase in incidences of religious extremism, imported by radical Islamists from the Middle East, but this has not found a fertile ground among the Macedonian Albanians. Islamist terrorists cells have been reported all over south-eastern Europe, including Macedonia.

The Macedonian police assured that the protest and march through the streets didn't take a chaotic turn. The radical Islamist protesters chanted "Allahu Akbar", "Death to Christians", "War on the Christians", and brandished Al Qaeda insignias.

The Macedonian police have arrested three of five suspects directly implicated with the horrific crime, the likes of which Macedonia has not seen since WWII. All the neighbouring countries have offered their support to the Macedonian Interior Ministry for the capture of the two remaining suspects, who are on the run and for whom Interpol warrants have already been issued.

Mista 93 - Outdoor Vitamini 2 (demo)

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Vocal, beat everything PERFECT!!!

Twitter Profile (Graffiti Artist - Risk_INC)

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Follow him and know more about his life =)



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Onyx - Last Dayz Instrumental

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Oc feat big L- dangerous

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Keep it real!

Funky Childs Rap/Funk Radio

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Starting Tomorrow our own free radio !!! For exact time you will be informed :)

Now enjoy :):)

Mista 93 - Nostalgic Street Jazz

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Mista 93 rockin' jazz

Mista 93 - Distant Lovers

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New track from his third new album. Jazzy Boom Bap inside your brain!!!

B.I.T.D project (80s and 90s tracks) Megamix

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Rhyme & Reason (Hip Hop Documentary 1997) R.I.T.D project

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Full Movie below :)

Project "Back in the days" - 1st day

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Ol' songs

Project "Back in the days" - 1st day

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Found this guy with a really nice taste of old school tracks. enjoy of the list. :)

Funky Childs Project: Back in the days

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Funky Childs is raising a new project called: Back in the days

I think that by just seeing the name Back in the days, you all know what the project is for.

In the next few days we are going to add some 80's and 90's songs, known or unknown for you, doesn't matter, the fact is that we all are going to return to the days when we enjoyed, with vynils, scratching, gambling on street, cassette recorders on our years and we all lived like a brothers. Well, not all. Here were the conflicts with the other "gangs" that were passing by. Mixes, songs, intros, hip hop life, movies and everything that will return to the better life will be presented here.


DJ Premier - Hip Hop (instrumental)

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The Artifacts after 15 years - pure golden era

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After 15 years they returned with fully charged batteries. The new song "Easter" is produced by Khrysis. Killing beat and flow


Mista 93 - Човекот кој ме воодушеви

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За денес ќе ви го прикажам Mista 93, човекот кај кој нема граница помеѓу старата школа и неговиот реален живот. Човекот кој го следев подолго време и ги приметував неговите способности, секогаш искрен, секогаш спремен да го исхејта лошото и секогаш спремен да возвиши дело создадено од љубов и срце. Слушајќи ги неговите ремек дела, едноставно останав со отворена уста. Како може такви ремек дела и човек кој ја познава целата хип хоп азбука да не се истакне меѓу сите други. Моето барање беше     успешно и официјално ви го представувам MISTA 93!


Миста 93, роден во 1989 година во Штип.Историјата започнува во 2000та година кога почнува 
да колекционира олд скул рап албуми, предизвикан од тогашната моќна македонска рап сцена, 

заедно со источно американската стара рап школа.

Со продукција почнува да се занимава од 2006та година, за денес официјално да издаде 2 Трип Хоп 
албума во еден свој собствен правец кој тој сам го нарекува Jazzy Boom Bap.

Во 2011 година добива предлог од нет лејблот Dusted Wax Kingdom да влезе во семејството, рамо 
до рамо со светски познати Jazzy Boom Bap и слични продуценти.
Неговата музика може слободно да се симне од официјалната страна на нет лејблот и безплатно да се слуша.
Филозофијата на неговиот стил е " Некомерцијална музика, за Спиритуално издигнување ".
Моментално живее надвор од Македонија и го подготвува својот трет Трип Хоп Албум (Phat-Ish-Izm), 

а паралелно со тоа подготвува Рап албум со исто таква Џези Бум Бап продукција под наслов " Рапокалипса "

Негови албуми:

   :: Mista 93 - Da Boom Baptizum LP ::
  1. Inhale
  2. Da Coming
  3. Secret Doctrine
  4. Sounds ov Kiev
  5. Riding With Ancestors
  6. Moment ov Skepticizm
  7. Take Example (Interlude)
  8. Da Defanishun
  9. Death's Waiting
  10. Dark Master's Lurking
  11. Black Monk
  12. Levitating
  13. O Selflesness
  14. Wet Coffins

                                                              : Mista 93 - Mystic Renaissance LP ::



Исто така можете и да го подржите Миста на неговата фејсбук страна:

Преслушајте и уверете се сами:


Наскоро и на Англиски!
Soon in English!

Официјално: Funky Childs/Mista 93

Mood - Karma

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Funky Party (6 minutes of pure love)

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So Good

Graffiti Battle "STYLE" (Need help) + (Shook Ones pt.II)

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My friends' entry in AllCity's May-April graffiti battle and he needs to be in the first 200 :). PLEASE vote by clicking this link below and click on the button VOTE. I appriciate...

Thanks a lot and enjoy :)

Sugarhill Gang - 8Th Wonder (Original 12 Inch Mix) (Clickable link)

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I don't know why blogger started bugging and can't find this track, but anyway I  will put like a clickable link for everyone! Funk blogger and his bugs -.-. How can bug on this masterpiece
                                                  CLICKY CLICK THIS FUNKY LINK

FunkDoobiest - We Bring That

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We bring you Funkdoobiest and they give us the funky beat :)

Funkdoobiest - The Heavyweight Funk

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Down Down Downnn!

Funkdoobiest - Lost in Thought

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Really nice hard sad beat :)

Nas - Nas is like

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Rapers Delight - Sugarhill gang

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Africa Bambaata - Planet ROCK

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How can I just kill a man?

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Cypress hill will tell us :)

Ice Cube - Today was a good day

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Must say that today was rly good. Mayb getting down bad, but still we'r chill :)

Classic Hip Hop

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For true rap lovers!

Please SHARE us for more people!

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Bring the real hip hop and funk by helping us :)

HROM Graffiti (Risk)

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Nice flow and structure... Risk & HipsterPunks for Graffiti Shop Hrom :)

DJ Revolution

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Funky ill scratches

big daddy kane- mortal kombat

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We paused for a while coz of few problems :)
Stay and listen to the  real hip hop

Pharcyde - Back In The Day

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Pete Rock and CL Smooth - T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You)

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Luniz - I Got 5 On It

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Rafael Cameron - For The Love Of You

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Voting will be fine :D

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